Dr. Stacy Hollingsworth talks about her career as a Forensic Psychologist to AMPS 


Psychology at Columbia College 

Why do people act, think, and feel the ways they do?  Psychology is a science focused on answering these questions.  Psychology majors at Columbia College learn about themselves and others in ways that promote personal growth and greater effectiveness in working with people.  Graduates develop a better understanding of effective leadership, interpersonal skills, and group dynamics that provide them with a distinct professional advantage.

Two major Psychology programs are offered at Columbia College -- a Bachelor of Arts program that emphasizes the liberal arts and a Bachelor of Science program that emphasizes scientific modes of inquiry.  In both programs students learn the foundational aspects of psychological research and how to critically evaluate others’ research.  Because psychology includes several different areas of study, psychology majors have a great deal of flexibility and may choose courses focusing on the social, developmental, clinical, and biological/cognitive aspects of behavior. 

AMPS (Association for Mindful Psychology Students) is a student-led organization for psychology majors and students interested in psychology that meets approximately once a month. Guest speakers, community volunteer opportunies, graduate program information, and social events are among the many AMPS activities.

We encourage students to contact us or stop by and learn more about the program. 



Dr. Karen Thompson, Psychology Program Coordinator
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