Associate's to Bachelor's - Piedmont Technical College


Don't Delay - Make Your Move!

Columbia College and Piedmont Technical College have partnered to offer students who earn an approved associate's degree from Piedmont Tech the opportunity to apply to the Associate's to Bachelor's Degree Program from Columbia College.

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Phone: 888.820.8467
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B.A. Applied Business
B.A. Community and Organizational Leadership
B.A. Human Services
B.A. Leadership and Professional Communication

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  • All classes meet on the campus of Piedmont Technical College.
  • Classes meet two nights per week.
  • Students in the program will complete 55 hours of credit with Columbia College.
  • Each class is three semester hours of credit, so students take nine hours (three classes) each semester.
  • Students can expect to have homework assignments that average two hours per week for each semester hour of coursework taken.
  • Semesters run consecutively for six semesters.
  • At the end of six semesters, students will have completed the 55 hours required by Columbia College degree requirements to earn a bachelor's degree.


  • Transfer a maximum of 72 semester hours of course work. If your AA(S) degree was not 72 semester hours, you can still enroll but will be advised how and when to take the additional courses needed to complete the 72 semester hours of course work. 
  • Transfer course work must include: ENG 101, and a math course at the Columbia College general education level. You must also have or earn transfer credit for a 4-hour lab science before completing your degree. Your advisor will help you work out the best time foryou can take the course.
  • Complete 55 semester hours of specified coursework in addition to the 72 semester hours you transfer to complete the 127 semester hour degree requirements.