Evening Admission FAQs

Making the decision to return to school takes courage and commitment. The courage to know that this is the right time and right thing to do to improve your life and the lives of those around you and the commitment to enroll and see the degree through to graduation.

If you have questions other than the ones addressed here, please contact Joann at 786.3191, and she will be happy to talk with you!
Can men enroll in the Evening program?
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Is there a minimum number of transfer hours required?
Yes. Transfer students MUST have a minimum of thirteen hours of transfer course work from a regionally accredited institution. Your transfer course work MUST include ENG 101; It is highly recommneded that you also transfer a Technical College MATH 110 or 112 or higher and 4-hour Lab Science.
Will I have to take math?
Of course you will be required to take math because we know it is important that you have a well rounded liberal arts education when you earn your degree from Columbia College. Maybe you had a bad experience in math previously, but this is now and that was then. Your professor understands adult students and will help you succeed. In addition, we offer free tutoring in our math labs and you CAN and WILL be able to meet your math requirement. It might not be easy, but nothing worth having ever is. Don't let math keep you from fulfilling your dream of earning your degree!
How do I enroll in the Evening Program?
You can start by requesting an information packet here, or you may call Joann at 803.786.3191 or Hope at 803.786.3955 and request an information packet that will be mailed to you within three business days.
How do I apply?
Apply FREE online just click the Apply Now button.
I wasn’t a very good student in high school or in my previous college experience. Will this keep me from getting accepted?
The Evening Program works with each prospective student on an individual basis to determine whether or not Columbia College is the right place for them. If your academic record from your previous college experience was below standard, but you are SERIOUS about returning to school, please call and talk with us. We believe in second chances, but we also have an obligation to admit students who we know can be successful in the Evening Program. Go ahead and pick up the phone!
Once I apply for admission, what else do I need to do?
You need to transfer a minimum of 13 hours of college credit (this excludes developmental courses) and you need to request official transcripts from EVERY college you have attended since leaving high school. If you have less than 30 transfer hours of college credit, you will also have to submit an official high school transcript.
How soon will I know if I am accepted?
Transfers -- Once ALL of your official academic transcripts have been received, your file will be sent to the registrar for evaluation. When the admission office receives your file back from the registrar with a transfer evaluation and GPA, if your transfer GPA is a 2.1 or above, you will be notified via mail and receive a phone call of your acceptance.
What if my GPA isn't a 2.1?
If we are not able to admit you with a regular acceptance decision based on a 2.1 or higher GPA, we will notify you if you qualify for the opportunity to appeal the decision. This involves writing a letter stating why your previous academic work was below standard and why you will be able to perform better academically if admitted to Columbia College. If this is an option for you, you will receive a call from your admission counselor requesting that you write a letter of appeal.
What do current students say?
Dianne, a current student recently wrote, "Here, I find faculty that take the time to make sure I understand; they are always willing to give of themselves, showing once again how their commitment comes through to me like the sun on a cold winter day. Yes, it feels good! I have to admit that it is not easy working full time, going to college part time, being active in my faith, maintaining a home, spending time with my family, and still trying to find time for a bubble bath. But I am fortunate to be in the right place for my education because the Evening program at Columbia College taps the best of me."
Claudia, a current student wrote, "I recently enrolled in the Evening program. I know that it will not be easy, but Columbia College and I have made  a commitment to each other. I understand that the standards are high and that I will be challenged to give 100%. I accept this challenge and look forward to being a part of the Columbia College future success story.