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Summer courses at Columbia College can help you stay on track with your degree or even get ahead. Whether you are making progress toward a degree, transitioning to Columbia College or focusing on continuing education credits, our summer sessions have exactly what you need.

Our summer sessions are open to all continuing and returning Columbia College students, as well as, all other qualified students: visitors from other colleges and universities, international students, high school students and adult learners. You do not need to be degree seeking to enroll in a summer online course. In response to COVID-19, all of our Summer 2020 classes will be provided in an online format.

Here are some of the benefits to consider:

  • Summer classes are shorter in length:  Lasting 5-weeks, 8-weeks and 10-weeks
  • Avoid the summer learning gap and stay in study mode
  • Graduate early or on time
  • Flexibility: Taking an online course means you work around your current schedule and have the ability to choose your own learning environment.
  • Each of our Summer 2020 online undergraduate courses are $295/credit hour and are comprehensive, with no additional costs for fees, books or instructional materials. 

Last Day for Add/Drop Deadlines:

  • Term 1, May 6, 2020
  • Term 2, June 10, 2020
  • Term 3, July 15, 2020
  • Extended Summer, June 2, 2020
  • Full Summer, May 14, 2020

To register, please submit the form below. Once it is received, it will take 2-3 business days to process. You will be notified by the Registrar's Office if any additional information is needed to process your request. Once registered, you will receive further information regarding course and email login instructions, payment information, etc. 

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See our 2020 Session Schedule for Academic Courses below. All courses are 3 credits unless noted otherwise.

TERM 1: May 4 - June 7

CJ-101-O1: Intro to Criminal Justice
CJ-401-O1: Criminological Theory
EM-120-O1: Intro to Science of Hazards
EM-250-O1: Disasters and Public Health
EM-420-O1: Management of Human Resources
ENG-101-O1: Analytical Thinking,Writing, and Research
HCA-301-O1: Community & Public Health Nursing
LEAD-101-23: Leadrship and Profess Dev (1 credit)
POSC-101-O1: American National Government
RESP-310-O1: Pathophysiology: Pulmonary Path

TERM 2: June 8 - July 12

CJ-204-O2: Corrections
CJ-320-O2: Community Policing
CJ-376-O2: Forensic Toxicology with Lab (4 credits)
CJ-402-O2: Ethics in Criminal Justice
EM-201-O2: Planning for Emergency Disaster Mgmt
EM-310-O2: Terrorism in the Modern World
EM-460-O2: International Disaster Response
ENG-102-O2: Writing about Literature (Prerequisite: ENG 101)
FS-257-O2: Fire Dynamics
HCA-430-O2: Mgt, Ethics and Law in Health Care
HIS-104-O2: Contemporary Wrld Hist-Post 1945
MATH-103-O2: Liberal Arts Mathematics
PSY-102-O2: Introduction to Psychology
RESP-315-O2: Adv Critical Care in Adults
SLP-190B-23: Sign Lang & Implement I

TERM 3: July 13 - August 16

CHEM-110-O3: Survey of Chemistry (4 credits)
CJ-202-O3: Courts
CJ-331-O3: Forensic Science with Lab (4 credits)
CJ-340-O3: Comparative Justice
CJ-378-O3: Forensic DNA with Lab (4 credits)
CJ-403-O3: Statistics in Criminal Justice
EM-320-O3: Weapons of Mass Destruction
EM-471-O3: Terror Org: Struct & Oper
ENG-101-O3: Analytical Thinking,Writing, and Research
ENG-231-24: Sex,Lies, and Anxiety in British Literature & Film (Prerequisite: ENG 102)
HCA-420-O3: Leadership in Healthcare
LA-104-O3: Fine Arts in the Modern World
LA-155-O3: Culture and Language
SOC-151-O3: Introductory Sociology
SPAN-122-24: Elementary Spanish II

EXTENDED SUMMER: June 1 - July 30

BUS-310-25: e-Business
BUS-311-25: Business Law and Ethics
BUS-324-25: Business Financing
COMM-230-24: Health Communication
EDU-190N-25: Adv Amer Sign Lang II
EDU-210-24: Dvlpmt & Lrng: Brth-Age 11
EDU-329-24: Facilitating Positive Learning Behavior
EDU-336-24: Issues in Ear Chhd/Spec Ed
EDU-379-23: Found Tch Rdg Mid/Sec Sch
HIS-103-25: Perspectives on World Civ II
MATH-104-25: Precalculus Algebra
MATH-106-25: Precalculus Trigonometry (Prerequisite or co-requisite: MATH 104)
PSY-240-25: Drugs, Behavior & Society
SLP-318-25: Audiology
SLP-386LS-25: Professional Develpment and Leadership
SOC-240-25: Drugs, Behavior & Society
SOC-268-25: Ethnic and Minority Groups
SOWK-268-25: Ethnic and Minority Groups
SPED-332-25: Exceptional Learners
SPED-335-24: Children & Youth with Mild Disabilities (Prerequisite: SPED 332)

FULL SUMMER: May 12 - July 23

BUS-203-C1: Principles of Marketing
ECON-224-C1: Econ: Principles & Practices
POSC-220-C1: State and Local Government
PSY-396-C1: Psychology of Personality (Prerequisite: PSY 102)
PSY-459-C1: Clinical & Counseling Psychology (Prerequisite: PSY 102)
SOC-448-C1: Community Org and Advocacy
SOC-477-C1: Nonprofit Leadership in Human Services

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