Leadership and Career Services

We connect you with a faculty adviser, a community mentor, and a career coach the moment you set foot on campus. This support system helps you select coursework, activities, and internships that align with your goals after college.    

Women's Business Center

We offer access to networking events, inspiring speaking engagements featuring women in business, and programming designed to inspire you as a woman in the business world today and in the future.


Getting real work experience helps you develop your interests and build your resume for what’s next. We can help you explore a range of opportunities from local businesses to government agencies to non-profits.

SC Semester

Take courses that explore the history, politics, and culture of our state. Over the semester, you complete service projects, field trips, and writing assignments, and you cap off the experience with a twelve-week local internship. 

DC Semester 

This program combines specialized coursework with a twelve-week internship in Washington, D.C. that aligns your interest. Past students have pursued law, public policy, and women’s leadership opportunities.

Study Abroad

We offer summer sessions in France, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, and Spain. You can fulfill your language requirement over a summer, or spend a semester immersing yourself in the culture and becoming fluent in the language.