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Explore Your Financing Options

At Columbia College, we're committed to helping you have access to a personalized, private education. We'll work closely with you to estimate costs and explore financial assistance options such as scholarships, grants, loans, and student work awards.

Family 10% Tuition Discount

Columbia College offers families an annual tuition discount of 10% per student when two or more family members simultaneously attend. Family members include parents, children, full and step-siblings, and legal wards from the same family unit. 

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Undergraduate College Tuition Rates 

We recently reset our tuition costs to help make Columbia College a realistic option for all students. Nintey-nine percent of our undergraduate students do not pay full tuition. Our average financial aid package, which includes scholarships, grants, financial aid, loans, and student work, makes attending Columbia College more affordable than many public schools.  

Annual Tuition, Housing, and Meal Plan, Other Costs

  • Tuition for full-time students: $19,890
  • Tuition for part-time students: $650 per semester hour
  • Housing costs for first-year students: $4,100
  • Meal plan for first-year students:  $4,200
  • Housing costs after your first year: $4,100 - $5,150
  • Meal plan after your first year: $1,600 - $4,200
  • Resource & Technology Fee*: $400 (Full-time)/$200 (Part-time) per semester

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Graduate Tuition Rates 

We offer both online and on-campus graduate programs at the same low cost of $480 per semester hour, and there are no extra fees. Online students also receive free e-books. Advance your career, increase your earning potential, or change careers with a Columbia College graduate degree.

Resource & Technology Fee*: $25 per credit hour (ONLY On-campus graduate programs)

Online & Evening Undergraduate Tuition Rates 


Our online undergraduate tuition is $395 per semester hour which includes e-books. Advance your education anywhere, anytime with our completely online degrees. Have you already started your degree? We accept up to 90 credits for transfer, so you can complete your degree in less time at a lower cost. 


We offer opportunities to complete your undergraduate degree exclusively in the evening, so you can stay focused your job, or other priorities, while charting a new and exciting path. Have you already started your degree? We accept up to 90 credits for transfer, so you can complete your degree in less time at a lower cost. 

  • Tuition for full-time students: $5,925 per semester
  • Tuition for part-time students: $395 per semester hour 
  • Resource & Technology Fee*: $25 per credit hour

*The resource and technology fee supports all areas of students’ academic success, including textbooks, tutoring services, general IT assistance, computer lab maintenance and upgrades, and library database access.

Other Resources & Links

Future Scholar 529 College Savings Plan

South Carolina’s 529 college savings plan, Future Scholar, can be an important resource for paying for qualified college expenses, such as tuition, room and board, textbooks, and computers. Visit the Office of the State Treasurer’s website for more information about the many benefits of this savings program.