Help Us Recruit Students 

You know Columbia College better than anyone and are in a unique position to help us identify future students. We've created a program for you to help us recruit hardworking, thoughtful students—called the $80K Gift Program. And the students you recruit may be able to take advantage of special scholarship options, a unique application process, and other perks.

We value your opinion and encourage you to think of ideal applicants. They might be the daughters or sons of co-workers, friends or relatives, or the young women or men you've coached. They might be the students whose names were just in the newspaper for making Honor Roll, winning a sports award, or for being involved in a community service project. Whatever your source, if you think they would be a positive addition to Columbia College, let us know! 

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We're excited to engage with you. Keep reading to learn how you can get involved. Ready to get started? Fill out our form to become an ambassador, or contact Julie King.  

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