Supporting You & Your Business 

By offering paths of educational programs and services for all education levels and generations, Continuum @ Columbia College blends the rich history and the pioneering spirit of education at Columbia College. 

Our goals are your goals: successful students, an engaged workforce, and economic advancement for your organization and for our community.

What is Continuum @ Columbia College?

We eliminate barriers to make education approachable and positive for all types of learners. You may be a student who is not on a traditional full-time, campus-based path; we’ll meet you where you are. You may need customized training specific to your organization or industry; we’ll meet you where you are too.

  • For you: innovators, career changers, solopreneurs, dreamers, and forever curious.
  • For employers: corporate, small businesses, nonprofits, and the public sector.
  • For the community: by working hand-in-hand with our partners in the region.