February 15, 2020

8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. @BREED LEADERSHIP CENTER

Columbia College is pleased to host Math and Science Days for Girls. In partnership with Dominion Energy, this event is sponsored by the Division of Health, Mathematics and Sciences at Columbia College. These special days offer exciting opportunities for motivated students to explore the beauty, power, and usefulness of mathematics and the sciences. Students will enjoy participating in a variety of workshops, hands-on activities and team competitions. They will also learn about careers and women's contributions in math and the sciences and other related fields.

Who is elegible

Middle school aged female students are eligible to participate. Middle school students are expected to be accompanied by an adult, such as a teacher or parent, to and from the event. Parents are welcome to stay, if they would like.


$13 per student and $13 per accompanying parent/guardian
Teachers that attend with students are free.

Fees help to defray the cost of lunch, snacks, and materials. 

The Event

Group Competitions
Students will be paired with other participants and engage in exciting competition throughout the day.


Several concurrent workshops are scheduled during the day and are open to all student attendees. Previous topics include Geometric String Art, Chemistry of Bath Bombs, Breaking the Code, Chemistry and Art, CIS Blood Splatter, A Potential Bloody Mess: Blood Type and Transfusion, MMmm...exponentials, Math Magic, Origami-Orgames, Candy Corn Catamarans, Programming Story Adventure and Remodeling DNA.

Contact Us

Dr. Tyler Brown
1301 Columbia College Drive, Columbia, SC 29203                                             
(803) 786-3775

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Registration closes at midnight, Friday, February 7.

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8:30 AM  Check In

9:00 AM Opening and Welcome Team

9:25 AM Competition - Amazing Race

10:30 AM Morning Workshops

11:30 AM Lunch (provided)

12:10 PM Group Picture

12:20 PM Afternoon Workshops

1:15 PM Afternoon Break (snack provided)

1:35 PM Team Competition - Egg Drop Challenge

2:45 PM Closing Remarks


The Chemistry of Slime

Students will have the opportunity to not only make slime, but will do a full analysis of its traits and test some of its chemical properties. 

Enter the World of Programming

Students will have the opportunity to learn the basics of programming, how to write small scripts and how software makes our computers work! Enter the World of Programming

Have Your DNA and Eat it Too!

Students will learn about DNA structure and function by building a DNA model using candy! 

Paper Plane Obstacle Course

This workshop will teach students about the science of flight and aerodynamics, as they work to build airplanes that can fly the longest, highest, furthest, and around a few obstacles. Paper Plane Obstacle Course

The Science of Ice and Water

This workshop will explore some of the cool traits of ice and water from floating pennies and floating water to some cold, sweet treats and the science behind them. The Science of Ice and Water

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