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Dr. Christine Oskar-Poisson

Assistant Professor of Trauma Informed Education

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Dr. Christine Oskar-Poisson is an Assistant Professor of Trauma Informed Education in the Graduate program at Columbia College. Dr. Oskar-Poisson holds a BA in English teaching and a MAT in secondary English education from the University of New Hampshire. She earned her EdD in K-12 leadership from New England College, where her research explored the ways New Hampshire institutions of higher education prepare secondary English educators to teach rhetorical analysis to promote civic discourse through writing.

Dr. Oskar-Poisson is first and foremost a teacher, having spent the first 24 years of her career teaching middle and high school English as well as serving as a Humanities department Chair. Passionate about how underrepresented voices are illuminated through literature, Dr. Oskar-Poisson’s scholarship meets at the intersection of composition studies and teacher preparation. Her current research explores necessary revisions to the literary canon for a post pandemic world. Dr. Oskar-Poisson is a 2019 recipient of the Pericles Leadership fellow for her course titled Teaching Literature for Social Justice. She was selected to be the 2020-2021 Mellon Periclean Faculty Leader in the Humanities and continues her work authoring new courses that infuse themes of social justice.

When not teaching and writing, Dr. Oskar-Poisson, her husband, and their two dogs enjoy life on the East coast while, ironically, their adult children attend college on the West coast.

Awards & Accomplishments

  • 2020 Periclean Melon Fellow
  • 2019 Periclean Faculty Leadership Program


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