Jessica Allen

Dr. Jessica Allen

Assistant Professor of Biology

Bush | 239

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Dr. Jessica Allen is an immunologist and microbiologist whose research examines how organisms are able to maintain their health despite the numerous infections and stresses faced by all living things. She works with the model organism Drosophila melanogaster (fruit flies) to study the genes outside of our immune system that still play an important role during infection.

Prior to arriving at Columbia College, Dr. Allen completed two postdoctoral fellowships working on how the immune system keeps the herpes simplex virus in check at New York University and studying measures of health during infection at Stanford University. She completed her PhD in Immunology at Stanford University as well, and did her undergraduate work in Biology and Science in Society at Wesleyan University. She is originally from Harrisburg, PA.

At Columbia College, Dr. Allen teaches Microbiology, Anatomy and Physiology, and the Foundations of Biology courses. She loves getting to know her students both as a community of learners and as individuals with incredible and interesting interests, hopes, and adventures to share. When she is not at the college, she enjoys swimming, running, hiking, cooking, eating, hearing live music, and restoring her home to its 1950s glory with her husband and two stepchildren.

Awards & Accomplishments

  • HHMI BioInteractive Faculty Mentoring Network: Selected Participant (2018)


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  • Müller AM, Florek M, Kohrt HE, Küpper NJ, Filatenkov A, Linderman JA, Hadeiba H, Negrin RS, Shizuru JA. (2016) Blood Stem Cell Activity Is Arrested by Th1-Mediated Injury Preventing Engraftment following Nonmyeloablative Conditioning. J Immunol. 2016 Nov