Dr. John Zubizarreta

Dr. John Zubizarreta, Ph.D.

Professor of English | Director of Honors

Edens Library | 303

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John Zubizarreta is Professor of English, Director of Honors, Past Director of Faculty Development, and former Dean of Undergraduate Studies at Columbia College. The 2010 Carnegie Foundation/CASE U.S. Professor for Baccalaureate Colleges and a former CASE Professor for South Carolina, John is also the recipient of several national and international teaching awards, including the 2018 National Collegiate Honors Council’s Sam Schuman Award for Excellence, the organization’s highest recognition for a faculty member at a four-year college or university.

Among his books and numerous chapters and journal publications, he is the author of The Learning Portfolio: Reflective Practice for Improving Student Learning (2nd ed. Jossey-Bass, 2009; 1st ed. Anker, 2004) and co-author of Breaking Barriers in Teaching and Learning (NCHC, 2018), Inspiring Exemplary Teaching and Learning: Perspectives on Teaching Academically Talented College Students (NCHC, 2008), and The Robert Frost Encyclopedia (Greenwood, 2001).

John is Past President of the National Collegiate Honors Council, the Southern Regional Honors Council, and the Popular Culture Association in the South. He has made presentations and led workshops at many regional, national, and international professional conferences; delivered keynote addresses worldwide; and collaborated with hundreds of students on panel presentations, publications, and undergraduate research. He sits on editorial and governing boards of several educational journals and organizations. He is also a ten-time medalist in U.S. national whitewater competition, an avid telemark skier, an aching runner, a moonstruck husband, and a doting father of two grown girls.

Awards & Accomplishments

  • 2019 Invited workshop. “Enhancing Students’ Reflective Practice with the Learning Portfolio.” U North Carolina, Greensboro. 29 Oct.
  • 2019 Institute co-leader. 4th Honors International Faculty Institute. Texas Christian U. 3-5 Jun.
  • 2018 NCHC Sam Schuman Award for Excellence at a Four-Year Institution.
  • 2018 Invited faculty development workshop: “Teaching Millennials” and “Using the Power of Critical Reflection for Significant Learning.” Northern Illinois U. 16-17 Aug.
  • 2018 Institute co-leader. 3rd Honors International Faculty Institute. Hanze U, Groningen, Netherlands. 4-6 June.
  • 2018 Invited speaker at S.C. Governor’s School for Science & Math, Hartsville, SC. 20 Apr.
  • 2018 Invited keynote and retreat workshop: “Learning Portfolios for Honors Learning and Program Assessment.” U.S. Air Force Academy. Colorado Springs, CO. 15-16 Mar.
  • 2018 Invited keynote address. Georgia Collegiate Honors Council. Macon, GA. 2-3 Feb.
  • 2017 Selected by the Chronicle of Higher Education as one of ten “Innovators 2017: 10 Classroom Blazers.” (CHE, vol. 64, no. 9, 27 Oct. 2017, pp. B28-29).
  • 2017 Invited faculty retreat workshop: “What is Honors?” and “Reflective Practice and Learning Portfolios for Enhancing and Assessing Honors Learning.” Florida Gulf Coast University Honors College, 11 Aug.
  • 2017 Institute co-leader. 2nd Honors International Faculty Institute. Texas Christian U. 18-20 May.
  • 2016 Invited workshop. “Learner-Centered Teacher Development to Evoke Excellence among Students.” Honours Futures: Utrecht Honours Conference. Utrecht, Netherlands. 2-3 Jun.
  • 2016 Institute co-leader. Honors International Faculty Institute. Hanze U, Groningen, Netherlands. 30 May-1 Jun.
  • 2016 Invited workshop. “What is ‘Honors’? Keys to Successful Honors Teaching and Learning.” Miami-Dade Honors College. 4 Feb.
  • 2015 Invited keynote and workshops. “Learning Portfolios for Critical Reflection and Deep Student Learning.” Teikyo University, Tokyo, Japan. 17 Dec.
  • 2015 Invited keynotes at Teikyo University and Association of Japanese Private Nursing Colleges and Universities (Tokyo); while in Japan, he was interviewed on the topics of active learning, professional and student portfolio development, and honors...
  • 2015 Ruth Garvey Cochener Fink Visiting Professor in Educational Leadership, Washburn University. Invited keynote on professional portfolio development and workshop on learning portfolios. 10-11 Sep.
  • 2010 Carnegie Foundation/CASE U.S. Professor for Baccalaureate Colleges.


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