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Dr. Kristin Burke Martin

Director of MBA Program and Assistant Professor of Business


I possess extensive knowledge of financial management acquired through 25+ years of experience and education within the financial industry. My expertise includes an in-depth knowledge of national and global financial industries. I managed budgets in excess of $100 million for the Federal Reserve Bank and various other financial institutions. I have substantial experience in presenting and communicating financial recommendations to corporate management. My leadership ability was acquired from lucrative corporate financial initiative implementations and successful project management.

Once I obtained my Doctorate in International Business, I was led to academia. I believe it is my time to give back to our future by sharing my experiences and education with students to help them succeed. I taught online for several Universities; SNHU, Park University, and Colorado State University Global. However, my goal is to work in the face-to-face and online classrooms. In July 2019, I had the awesome opportunity to teach face-to-face abroad in Vietnam. I taught two cohorts of Multinational Corporate Finance. It was a great experience to be exposed to different cultures, food, business, economics, and the friendly people in Vietnam. I am very blessed to be back in the United States and at Columbia College, SC full-time. I look forward to this great new adventure.

Awards & Accomplishments

  • 2019 - Inducted into the National Society of Leadership and Success Honors Organization
  • 2018 - Doctorate in International Business was conferred


  • Strategies for Sustainability of Nonfranchise Casual Dining Restaurants, ProQuest