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Dr. Tyler A. Brown

Assistant Professor of Mathematics | Director of Health, Mathematics, and Sciences Tutoring Center

Bush Science Center | 144

803.786.3775 Email


I grew up in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and completed my Bachelors in Math and Computer Science at Penn State Harrisburg. While there I also did a minor in Psychology, which I tend to use more frequently than any of my degrees. After undergrad I completed a Masters and Ph.D. in Mathematics at Iowa State University. My research area is, generally speaking, Computability Theory, which is an area that concerns itself with what computers can and cannot do, regardless of space or time constraints.

On a personal note, I enjoy trail running, woodworking, painting, and coffee.


  • T. Brown, T. McNicholl, Computable structure theory and Lp spaces, part II, Archive for Mathematical Logic, 2019.
  • E. Boman, M. Boman,T. Brown, S. Dahiya, A. Milbrand, J. Roberge, Euclid21: Euclid’s elements for the 21st century, Convergence, December 2014.