Heather Adams

Heather Adams

Administrative Assistant

Bush Science Center | 127

803.786.3725 3725 Email


Heather is a native South Carolinian. Her stepmother was an English professor here at Columbia College, and Heather can recall coming to visit here as a 12 year old. Heather has been a French teacher, a massage therapist, a professional puppeteer, and a real estate assistant.

Heather also can be found in full Elizabethan garb at the Carolina Renaissance Festival where she is part of the Royal Court during the fall weekends. She is also a member of the production staff of CRF. Ms. Adams can also be found performing at Plates & Plots Dinner Theatre where she is a performer, a playwright, and the Creative Design Director (sadly shuttered since the advent of Covid). Lastly, she and her partner co-produce a podcast titled Southern Fried Spooky.

Awards & Accomplishments

  • Heather started her work life at Columbia College on Halloween in 2006. Heather has been at Columbia College for over a decade.