Melissia Brannen

Diversity Officer


Melissia Brannen is the Diversity Officer for Columbia College serving as an advocate for inclusive practices while promoting a welcoming campus climate. Through partnerships with Multicultural Affairs & Community Resources within the Division of Student Affairs and in collaboration with the Center for Leadership & Social Change, the Diversity Officer provides a centralized platform to identify and assess the College’s on-going advancement in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives and Social Justice awareness. 

As Diversity Officer and the College’s Principal Designated School Official, Melissia also enjoys getting to know students from the various countries represented on campus. 

Awards & Accomplishments

  • Chi Sigma Alpha
  • SC Women in Higher Education, Institutional Representative
  • Spirit of Inclusion Award
  • Inducted into Omicron Delta Kappa, 16-17
  • Advisor of the Year, 18-19

What do you love about working at Columbia College?

Working at Columbia College has been an amazing experience. I love getting to know our students—their passions and their loved ones supporting them on this journey too.

I love meeting alumnae/i who share their experiences on campus and who shed light on how our campus continues to strive for positive and productive change.

I adore and admire my colleagues as we share a passion to educate with a purpose to provide our students with the best collegiate experience possible to prepare them personally and professionally for success.

I love the beauty of our campus too. It’s all one very lovely package, but most of all I love our commitment to doing what is right and good. We learn together here and in my honest opinion that concept in itself makes Columbia College absolutely the best.