September 12, 2018

UPDATE 9/16/18

Columbia College will resume normal operations, including all classes, on Monday, September 17, 2018. If your personal circumstances will not permit you to make it to campus because of a negative impact from the storm, please contact your professor or supervisor directly.

We recognize that countless lives were affected throughout our area and the Carolinas. We pray for the recovery efforts, for those who lost loved ones and property and for the first responders and volunteers who continue to serve those in need.   

UPDATE 9/12/18

The track of Hurricane Florence still has uncertainty to it, but it is becoming more evident that the potential to impact our community is increasing.


ALL classes are cancelled through Sunday, September 16, 2018. This includes the Graduate Weekend Program.


The College will be CLOSED beginning on Friday, September 14th.


A reassessment will be made and posted by 2:30pm on Sunday, September 16th, if additional cancellations and closures are warranted. 



Classes are cancelled through Sunday. Please remain in contact with your faculty through email and Canvas.  Residence Halls and Dining will remain open and available for students, even with the closure. Remain alert and connected to any weather updates. You are encouraged to be in contact with family members to discuss any plans you may be making related to the Hurricane and decisions to remain or depart campus. Contact Campus Police with any emergencies.  803-786-3333 for emergencies and 803-786-3343 for non-emergencies


Dining Hours:

Wednesday: 5pm-6pm Dinner

Thursday-Sunday: 11am-1pm Brunch, 5pm-6pm Dinner

Terrace Café will be closed.



Faculty are encouraged to continue to communicate directly with students through email and Canvas regarding class assignments and learning opportunities.



Staff are to report to work on Thursday, September 13, 2018, as they are able. If your safety or personal circumstances do not allow this, please be in contact with your supervisor.

Please continue to monitor emails and other outlets for updates. You are encouraged to heed warnings and alerts provided by local, state and national authorities and take time to make appropriate preparations.

UPDATE 9/11/18

We continue to monitor the uncertain track of Hurricane Florence and its potential for impact on our campus. The College is moving from College Closed to Classes Cancelled, effective for Wednesday, September 12, 2018. An update regarding further closures/cancellations will be made by 2:00pm tomorrow.    
Staff are to report to work on Wednesday, September 12, 2018, as they are able. If your safety or personal circumstances do not allow this, please be in contact with your supervisor.
Faculty are encouraged to continue to communicate directly with your students through email and Canvas regarding class assignments and learning opportunities. 
Please continue to monitor emails and Canvas for course items from your faculty. Residence Halls and Dining will remain open (Terrace Café is closed).    
Everyone is encouraged to monitor your emails and other update outlets for changes that may need to take place. Thank you for your flexibility and understanding.

UPDATE 9/10/18

We are closely following the path of Hurricane Florence. The safety of our students, faculty and staff is of utmost importance. Columbia College, working with local and state emergency teams, will monitor any potential impact on our campus community and take appropriate actions in a timely manner. Should precautionary measures be necessary, we will make notification using the text/phone/email alert system, as well as the College website and social media outlets. 
Please remain alert for any further guidance from the College and local officials. You are reminded of the various ways to stay informed about any updates regarding the operation of the College.
1. Phone/Text Alert/Email Alert System - this is an automated system that you need to sign up for in order to receive alerts. Alerts sent may include campus intruder, security breach on or around campus, weather related updates and weather warnings.

  • Instructions for sign up are found below.
  • You may choose a work email or another email address at which to receive alerts.  Phone alerts and Text alerts are sent to the cell phone of your choice.

2. Emails to Campus - receive emails sent to groups of the campus (ie. All faculty/staff and/or students)

  • You are automatically assigned to this as an employee, using your College email address.

3. Website updates - in the event of inclement weather and weather alerts, updates can be found on the news portion of the website.

  • Updates are also posted on Koala Connection (KC).

4. Weather Alert Hotline - in the event of inclement weather, updates regarding cancellations and closings will be posted. 

  • You may choose to call the weather hotline (803)786-3500 to check on the latest status update.

5. Social Media - information about the cancellation of classes and closure of the College will be posted on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and Twitter

  • Information regarding office openings/closures will not be posted here unless part of original posting, so as to not confuse students.

6. News Outlets - we make every effort to send weather related updates to local media outlets. 

  • Information is posted at the discretion of the news outlet (WIS, WLTX, WACH, SCETV, The State)

You are reminded of several differences in the status of things.

1. College is Closed — classes are cancelled and offices are closed (essential personnel report as required)
2. Classes Cancelled — classes are cancelled and offices are open (employees to report as usual)

The best option for staying informed is to sign up for the Text Alert/Email Alert System, as safety information (campus intruder, tornado warnings, severe thunderstorm warnings, etc) may not find their way to other outlets in a timely manner.
Phone/Text/Email Alert System Faculty and Staff Emergency Contact Instructions:

  1. Log into Koala Connection
  2. Click the Employee info tab
  3. On the left menu bar click emergency contact
  4. Verify or insert your contact information
  5. Click next until you reach the last page
  6. Click submit application

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