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A Master’s in Athletic Coaching from Columbia College will allow a coach to broaden their skills and education. By focusing on the whole coach, and using successful leadership and communication, our top ranked faculty will help guide you to the next level and beyond. Our desire is to help you reach your career goals. Whether it is at the international, national, collegiate, high school, or youth based athletic levels, learning how to become a more effective coach will give you the opportunity to make the difference you have been striving for.

Master of Arts in Athletic Coaching

Catalog/Requirements: Master of Arts in Athletic Coaching

Program Highlights

  • 100% of online classes can be accessed from anywhere, anytime
  • Program can be completed in as little as one year
  • Designed to accommodate full-time working professionals
  • Distinguished faculty with real-life experience and the highest academic credentials 
  • Tuition is a great deal at $480/semester credit hour 
  • Classes are eight weeks, and E-books are provided for all classes 
  • U.S. News and World Reports ranked our online programs 153 out of 1,200 regionally accredited institutions 

Career Opportunities 

There is a growing demand for athletic coaches. With an advanced degree in coaching, you'll be ready to take the next step in your coaching career. A Master's degree in Athletic Coaching can open doors to a variety of careers including:

  • Sports Organization and Administration
  • Coaching at the high school and collegiate level
  • Private sports instruction

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Course Requirements (30 credits)

ATHC 700 Coaching Theory, Methods and Issues 

This course covers methods of teaching sport skills, and sport management skills and to promote athletes' growth, development, and learning, while teaching age-appropriate skills. Includes analysis of National Coaching Standards.

ATHC 702 Sports Coaching Psychology 

The course covers the ethical and psychosocial foundations and mental skills that govern athlete development and sport performance and the skills related to ethical decision-making, interpersonal communication and group development, and mental skills to improve sport performance and athlete well-being. Best-practice knowledge and understanding of how to use it to shape coaching behaviors and the application of psychological principles as they relate to sports coaching and athletic performance is also covered.

ATHC 703 Coaching Fundamentals of Speed Development and Conditioning 

This course integrates sport training programs for individuals and teams and includes proper resistance training, nutrition and conditioning to allow students to construct a year- long training guide for optimal athletic performance.

ATHC 705 Sports Nutrition 

This course covers the essentials of human nutrition that improve and sustain optimal performance for sport and exercise and the effects of eating disorders (in both male and female athletes), weight management, and sport nutrition resources are also discussed.

ATHC 710 Performance Enhancement 

This course covers the application of the physiological principles of human movement as they relate to the response to exercise training, training for sport performance, sport nutrition, and ergogenic aids.

ATHC 715 Research Methods & Sports Analysis 

This course reviews graduate level research techniques and professional portfolio development.  Current uses and application of technology in sports such as video analysis of skill, analysis of computer data printouts, and integration of technology with coaching and administration applications will be discussed.  Students will apply skills, strategies and tactics learned in applied analysis of training in a practicum.

ATHC 720 Ethics in Sports Coaching 

This course includes the examination and analysis of the philosophy and ethics of coaching and how values are communicated to facilitate positive social and emotional growth. Students will write personal statements on their philosophy of coaching, and will work through ethical dilemmas in sport.

ATHC 725 Sports Medicine 

The course covers recognizing and caring for sport injuries. Included will be basic physical evaluation and taping skills, as well as purposes and procedures for adequate care of injured athletes. An application of nutrition information and eating to win is also included.   Introductory athletic training principles and techniques for coaches/students and emphasis on the prevention and treatment of athletic injuries is also covered. CPR/first aid certification is recommended

ATHC 726 Legal and Administrative Aspects of Coaching 

This course covers responsibilities associated with providing and maintaining educationally sound athletic programs for amateur athletes and the risks associated with participation in physical activities.  Issues surrounding the topics of negligence, supervision, corporal punishment, contracts, termination of employees, due process, defamation, roles of independent contractors, gender equity, sexual harassment and the abuse of power, products liability, expected standard of care, waivers, essential records, transporting athletes and eligibility are also discussed and the legal aspects of sport administration and coaching, including analysis of liability, application of sport law, and risk management will be included in case reviews.

ATHC 730 Leadership in Athletic Coaching 

This course addresses the diverse needs of the coaching profession and response to the changing needs of prospective and practicing coaches. The course is not sport specific.  Principles of leadership, organization, and management of sport programs. Included will be leadership skills and techniques, communication, scheduling, and program reviews are included.