What You'll Learn

This evening-only degree will give you exceptional training in business leadership combined with a liberal arts education that will sharpen your writing skills, analytical thinking, and communication abilities.

We believe that a strong foundation in business will put you on the path to engage in an assortment of business fields or graduate studies in a related business field.

Career Opportunities

Graduates from our business program have secured positions in Fortune 500 companies and major industries, as well as federal, state, and local governments. Many business graduates go on to pursue their Masters degrees at some of the nation’s finest business schools.

Students also benefit from the Institute for Leadership and Professional Excellence at Columbia College, a nationally-recognized program noted for its innovative approach to the promotion of leadership skills in young women.

The Columbia College Difference

This program is offered during the evening only, allowing you to balance work and family with your academics. You can start this program during the fall, spring or summer semester and finish in one calendar year. 

The Division of Business, Mathematics, and Science at Columbia College has helped students remain at the forefront of their fields for more than 160 years as tradition, talent, and innovative thinking has kept Business at Columbia a thriving and vital degree for the modern world.

While Columbia College provides a strong foundation in liberal arts, students are given access to state of the art technology in the Barbara Bush Science Center. The exceptional and uniquely talented faculty make it their business to see that students are fully prepared for any career path they may choose.

Course Requirements

View major requirements including concentrations and electives for this program of study in our course catalog.

Undergraduate Course Catalog | B.A.

Admissions Requirements

Complete an Associate degree in a Business field including the courses equivalent to the following:

  • BUS 202 Principle of Management
  • BUS 203 Principle of Marketing
  • BUS 264 Accounting Fundamentals
  • BUS 324 Business Financing

Transfer 75 semester hours—10-15 hours beyond an associate degree may be required depending of associate degree requirements

Complete 15-16 semester hours of General Education courses including:

ENG 101 ENG 102 MATH 140 Two approved courses from the following categories:
  • fine arts
  • history
  • literature
  • philosophy or religion
  • laboratory science (4 semester hours)
  • social science. Courses must come from two different categories.
  • BUS 350 Computer Applications of Business
  • 6 additional hours of Business elective at the 200 level of above
Degree Requirements
  • 24 semester hours in Business including BUS 311, 455, 471, GB 301, ECON 224, and 9 semester hour in BUSINESS courses numbered 300 or higher
  • General education requirements as needed (at most 19 additional hours above admission requirements)
  • Elective courses as needed for a total of 120 semester hours.
  • At most 45 semester hours needed for students meeting all program admission requirements.