Our Chemistry Degree Program

Undergraduate Program

Next Start Date: 
January 10, 2022

Our undergraduate Chemistry degree builds on the fundamentals of chemistry and exposes you to several specialized concepts in the sciences. You'll gain extensive lab experience and acquire hands-on proficiency in the use of modern chemical instruments and procedures.

By the time you graduate, we'll have prepared you to pursue a career in the field of chemistry or biochemistry, or to continue your studies toward an advanced degree in chemistry or a related field.


  • The chemistry program—in collaboration with the math and computer and information science programs—has been awarded two National Science Foundation S-STEM grants that provide financial, academic, and social support to majors in these programs. 
  • In the past five years, seven chemistry students secured grant funding to conduct independent research from the South Carolina Independent College and University Faculty-Student Research program.
  • South Carolina Independent College and University Excellence in Teaching Award
  • Columbia College Faculty Excellence Award 

Personalized Programs of Study

Advisors will direct you towards minors and engaged learning experiences that will strengthen your candidacy for graduate or professional programs or employment in STEM-related industry.

  • Planning to attend a chemistry graduate program? Then consider a minor in math or biology.
  • Working towards a career in the chemical industry or government? Then consider a management minor or a minor in applied computing – business track. 
  • Focused on a career in the health professions? Then consider a minor in biology or public health

Undergraduate Research

Our chemistry faculty maintain active research programs of their own and encourage students to apply for grants, conduct independent mentored research, and present their findings at state and regional meetings. Students considering graduate school are directed toward undergraduate research at Columbia College or through Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU’s) at larger research institutions.

Internships & Shadowing Opportunities

  • Internships
    Students pursuing careers in government or the chemical industry are encouraged to pursue internships. Recent students have completed internships at Nephron Pharmaceuticals and South Carolina Law Enforcement Division Forensic Lab.
  • Shadowing Opportunities
    Students interested in health professions graduate programs or medical school are advised to participate in summer shadowing programs such as University of South Carolina School of Medicine’s Finding Your Future Program or the Greenville Health System’s MedEx program.

The chemistry program at Columbia College provides a perfect balance of unending support from the faculty while challenging students to strengthen their scientific skills  both independently with research opportunities and in the classroom.

Brandi Shull ‘14

After Graduation

Job Placements

  • Nephron, Columbia SC—Research and Development Chemist
  • Kershaw Mineral Lab, Kershaw, SC—Chemist
  • ACI Industries, Laurens, SC—Chemist
  • Lugoff-Elgin High School, Lugoff, SC—Chemistry Teacher
  • SC Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office, Columbia, SC—Statistician

Acceptance into Graduate Programs

  • University of Wisconsin—Chemistry Graduate program
  • Purdue University—Chemistry Graduate program
  • Emory University—Chemistry Graduate program
  • USC School of Medicine—Integrated Biomedical Sciences
  • Mercer University—School of Pharmacy
  • Indiana University—Chemistry Graduate program
  • Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy
  • Spalding University—Occupational Therapy Graduate Program
  • Medical University of South Carolina—Biomedical Sciences Graduate program

Chemistry Areas of Study

Learn about the classes we offer and the areas you can focus on when you study Chemistry. 

Major Course Requirements

Minor Course Requirements

Advising Tracks

  • Pre-Med Track
  • Pre-Physician’s Assistant Track
  • Pre-Pharmacy Track
  • Pre-Physical Therapy Track
  • Pre-Occupational Therapy Track

The chemistry program at Columbia College inspired me to further my scientific education by providing valuable knowledge and constant support from the faculty in- and- outside of the classroom.

Kristine Giang Golden ‘17