What You'll Learn

Extensive and challenging, our undergraduate Chemistry degree builds on the fundamentals of chemistry and will expose you to a number of specialized concepts in the sciences. You'll gain plenty of lab experience and become familiar with the most innovative chemical instruments.

By the time you graduate, we'll have prepared you to pursue a career in the field of chemistry and biochemistry, or to continue your studies toward an advanced degree in chemistry or in a related field.

Career Opportunities

Our graduates have gone on to work both in the public and private sector in medicine, pharmaceuticals, education, and a variety of pre-professional programs including:

  • Medical school
  • Veterinary school
  • Dental school
  • Physical Therapy school
  • Pharmacy school

The Columbia College Difference

With fewer than 25 students in our chemistry courses, we guarantee that you'll be able to work closely with your professors and classmates on more difficult topics. All of our chemistry classes are taught by full-time, doctoral-level faculty members and the laboratory portions they oversee are closely integrated with the lectures so you'll get hands on experience with classroom topics.

Teaching labs in the Barbara Bush Science Center are equipped with modern labs and you're encouraged to participate in undergraduate research either at Columbia College or through summer undergraduate programs at major research universities near by.

Course Requirements

View major requirements including concentrations and electives for this program of study in our course catalog.

Undergraduate Course Catalog

Additional Course Options


All Chemistry majors who are seeking a Bachelor of Science are required to choose one concentration. We designed our concentrations in order to give you an in-depth understanding of chemistry that fits your future career goals.

Traditional Track
The traditional chemistry track will prepare you for graduate work and employment in the chemical industry. The Traditional Track will provide you with a solid foundation in chemistry but give you greater freedom to choose major coursework.
Biochemistry Track

The biochemistry track will prepare you for graduate work or a professional degree in a variety of medical fields including pre-medical studies.