Our Dance Studies Program

Dance Studies, B.A.

Dance studies will challenge you with curriculum firmly rooted in the technical study of contemporary dance. We'll encourage you to verbalize the complexities of unspoken art and push you to demonstrate discipline and a desire for technical mastery. Each course is designed to guide you on the path to becoming an articulate leader and arts advocate through a proficiency in performance and choreography.

Career Opportunities

All dance majors are required to complete an internship or project aimed at preparing you for a position within the arts community. Columbia College dancers have accepted positions or internships in choreography, teaching, and arts administration at:

  • John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts | Washington, DC
  • Fine Arts Center | Greenville, SC
  • Georgetown Performing Dance Arts Foundation | Georgetown, SC
  • National Dance Education Organization | Silver Spring, MD
  • The Power Company | Columbia, SC
  • South Carolina Center for Dance Education | Columbia, SC
  • South Carolina Arts Commission | Columbia, SC


Columbia College Dance Company (CCDC)

As a dance studies major you'll be a part of the Columbia College Dance Company (CCDC) where you'll develop both your technical dance skills and your choreography, production, and leadership abilities during student made dance productions.

Course Requirements

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