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Master of Education in Divergent Learning

Master of Education in Divergent Learning
Certificate in Divergent Learning

The term, divergent learners, identifies underachieving students that are at-risk in the present educational system because of specific personality traits and learning styles and do not qualify for special services. A significant number of divergent learners are highly intelligent and capable of becoming productive, but are not provided with adequate resources in the classroom.

Generally, students who are contrary to this paradigm are at-risk of missing the central benefits of the educational system and a productive adulthood, which tend to spring from that education, because of divergence in their style of thinking, learning, and behaving.

The Divergent Learning program is designed to develop a more in-depth comprehension of divergent learners and present alternative instructional methods and strategies to meet the needs of this population. It will present a new focus for you as an educator, exhibiting new methods for delivery of instruction in the classroom, use of email communication and Internet research, program designs by students, peer support groups, and joint projects for action research.

The Divergent Learning M. Ed. is thirty-six (36) semester hours completed using a weekend/online blended format across three sessions allowing students to complete the degree in one year.

An essay is required for admissions, find more about the admissions process and essay.


2019–2020 M.Ed. Divergent Learning Program Schedule

Fall 2019

August 23-25
September 27-29
October 11-13
November 15-17
December 6-8

Spring 2020

January 10-12
January 31-February 2
February 21-23
March 13-15
April 17-19
Easter is April 12

Summer 2020

May 15-17
June 5-7
June 26-28
July 10-12
July 24-26

2020–2021 M.Ed. Divergent Learning Program Schedule

Fall 2020

August 28-30
September 25-27
October 9-11
November 13-15
December 4-6

Spring 2021

January 8-10
January 29-31
February 19-21
March 12-14
April 9-11

Summer 2021

May 14-16
June 4-6
June 25-27
July 9-11
July 23-25

Career Opportunities

This program will benefit you as an educator and support persons involved in interaction with youth, K-12, and adult divergent learners such as:

  • Teachers
  • Guidance Counselors
  • Department Chairs
  • Principals/ Assistant Principals
  • Curriculum Coordinators
  • Staff Developers
  • Social Workers

The Columbia College Difference

The Divergent Learning degree offers weekend courses to accommodate your schedule. The program content and strategies are appropriate for K-12 and adult divergent learners, with special emphasis on:

  • Personality traits
  • Learning styles
  • Hands-on interactive activities
  • Cooperative learning and collaboration
  • Different methods of instructional delivery
  • Joint projects within a community of learners


Your Enrollment Option

On Campus

  • Take classes with a cohort on select weekends
  • Courses begin in the fall and wrap up in the summer
When can I apply?