What You’ll Learn

Our Education Studies degree is a non-certifying program within the Division of Education where you can explore the foundations of education to include developmental psychology, political advocacy and instructional pedagogy while developing the dispositions of professionalism with an emphasis on effective communication, leadership, and collaboration.

As a graduate of our Education Studies program, you will become a collaborative professional who can embody the knowledge, skills and dispositions as a dedicated professional committed to advocating for all learners.

Career Opportunities

Common pathways following graduation include Master of Arts in Teaching graduate programs leading to certification, intervention and teaching in non-traditional educational settings, non-profit or social service agency employment.

The Columbia College Difference

Our Education Studies program offers you relevant, hands-on experiences as well as extensive classroom training. You are provided with the option to take a wide variety of courses that will prepare you for any path you choose.

Additional Course Options


Our Bachelor of Arts in Education Studies degree is offered as an evening course and students may complete their degree while working full-time or pursuing other options.