What You'll Learn

Innovations in technology and travel have globalized the modern economy. A degree in Global Business from Columbia College can give you the solid foundation in business with the legal, cultural, and administrative understanding that you'll need to succeed in a multinational business environment.

Career Opportunities

Global business will prepare you for a career in a multitude of international professions including finance, marketing, foreign policy, relocations, and business development. Our graduates have gone on to take positions and internships across the globe.

The Columbia College Difference

The Division of Business, Mathematics, and Science at Columbia College has helped students remain at the forefront of their fields for more than 164 years as tradition, talent, and innovative thinking has kept Global Business at Columbia a thriving and vital degree for the modern world.

While Columbia College provides a strong foundation in liberal arts, students are given access to state of the art technology in the Barbara Bush Science Center. The exceptional and uniquely talented faculty make it their business to see that students are fully prepared for any career path they may choose.

Course Requirements

View major requirements including concentrations and electives for this program of study in our course catalog.

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