Our Health Science Degree Program

Online Program (some courses will be taken on campus)

Next Start Date: 
October 17 & January 9

Our hybrid online and in-person Health Science program is designed for students are looking to pursue post-graduate training in an allied health field and have already earned an Associate of Applied Science degree. Students work with experienced advisors to complete required prerequisite coursework and develop the necessary skills for them to take the next step in their education and reach their professional goals.


Coursework can be tailored to fulfill the prerequisite for admission to medical, pharmacy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, or physician assistant programs.

This degree is extremely flexible in its science requirements and can be adapted to fit the needs of the student.  Individuals will work with their advisors one-on-one to assure that their schedules and classes are appropriate for them and their future goals.

  • Degree may be completed in under two years, depending on transferred credits.
  • Students will come to campus for in-person science courses, as required by most graduate programs, while completing their general education and other coursework online.  They will have the option of transferring in this coursework.
  • All science courses and laboratories are taught by professors and not TAs in small classes of 24 students or less 
  • Science courses will be taken with students in the Columbia College biology and chemistry programs whose recent graduates are currently enrolled in physician assistant, pharmacy, medical, veterinary, and dental school at the University of South Carolina, the Medical University of South Carolina, Presbyterian College, the University of Georgia, and Tuskegee University.

After Graduation

Career Opportunities

This major prepares students to enter graduate programs in some of the fastest growing and most well-compensated fields. After finishing their advanced degrees, students could be entering the following careers.

  • Physicians Assistant
    Median Pay in SC 2018: $104,000
    Job Outlook 2018-2028: 31%
  • Physical Therapists
    Median Pay in SC 2018: $85,500
    Job Outlook 2018-2028: 22%
  • Occupational Therapists
    Median Pay in SC 2018: $78,500
    Job Outlook 2018-2028: 18%

While designed to prepare students for graduate study, a health science bachelor’s degrees may also allow for advancement in a number of different settings even without further education in places such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Physicians’ offices and clinics
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy practices
  • Clinical Laboratories

Health Science Areas of Study

Learn about the classes we offer and areas you can focus on when you study Health Science.