Moving into a management position requires a four-year degree.

The Bachelors in Healthcare Administration degree at Columbia College is designed from the ground up to meet that requirement and equip the EMT or Paramedic with the Healthcare Business foundation to walk into a management position ready to lead and succeed.

Columbia College’s Healthcare Administration degree will equip you with the in-demand skills to make your successful migration into management and leadership roles. Courses are taught by professors that have decades of experience in healthcare and are seasoned educators. Students seeking a BA degree in Healthcare Administration will learn management skills, business strategies, organizational leadership, information technology, current regulatory and accreditation issues that drive the industry, proper research process, and measurable program design skills to enhance patient care.


  • Classes are 100% online and 7 weeks in length
  • Taught by Industry and Higher Education Professionals
  • Cost-Effective with Financial Aid available to most students
  • Transfer-Friendly for any current college credit or two-year degree
  • Dedicated Advisor to help you navigate and customize your degree program

After Graduation

A degree in Healthcare Administration is the path to career advancement into supervisory and management positions, such as:

  • Operations Supervisor
  • Manager of a Transport Service
  • Manager of Hospital Paramedics
  • Clinical Manager
  • Quality Improvement Manager
  • Director of Hospital EMS
  • County / Regional Director of Emergency Services
  • EMS Division Chief
  • Paramedic Professor / Educator