Our Individualized Studies Program

Undergraduate Program
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Next Start Date:
August 2023 (All Programs)

Don't see the major you're interested in? We want to empower you to chart your own course. The Individualized Studies Program is for students who have a clear post-graduate career path that's not directly addressed by one of our majors.


  • Combine two or more academic disciplines to create your own study track.
  • Develop a thorough, personalized proposal that outlines how you will combine the disciplines to meet your professional goals.
  • Our professors are here to support you along the way. Students work with at least two faculty members from programs that represent the coursework.
  • Make yourself attractive to employers when you graduate. One of our graduates was interested in game programming and combined computer science and math courses to meet the needs of the fast-growing industry. 

Admission to the Individualized Studies Program 

Students typically apply for admission toward the end of freshman year in college. However, the Program considers applications from upper-class students and students transferring from other colleges and universities.

Are you a transfer student interested in applying your credits toward a related Columbia College degree? Check out our Interdisciplinary Studies major. 

Steps to Apply 

  1. Discuss your interest with your advisor and the Director of Individualized Studies.
  2. Complete your proposal for admission.
  3. The Curriculum Committee considers your admission to Individualized Studies.

Individualized Studies Guidelines 

Proposal Outline 

Your major will be based on your student-developed proposal that identifies your areas of study and how they will help you meet your professional competencies. The proposal requires you to justify your approach, such as explaining why you would benefit from an Individualized Studies major over a double major or major/minor combination.

Proposals include the following major sections:

  1. Title
  2. Definition of Your Field of Study
  3. Course List
  4. Personal Statement
  5. References and Acknowledgements

Proposal Requirements 

Learn more about the proposal and course requirements in our course catalog.