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June 27 & August 22, 2022 (All Programs)

We empower you to learn about your passions with our Interdisciplinary Studies major. A great option for students with multiple study interests as well as transfer students looking to shift their focus, the major allows students to combine two academic fields of study. Learn about interconnected disciplines and graduate ready to reach your personal and professional career goals.


  • Interdisciplinary majors carefully plan and complete a degree that integrates one primary and one secondary area of study.
  • Students have the flexibility to pair any major, minor, or concentration that offers enough courses to meet the degree requirements. 
  • The major culminates in a senior capstone that consists of a thesis, major project, or internship. The capstone should demonstrate a deep understanding of both areas of concentration. 

Is Interdisciplinary Studies right for me? 

Our major is very flexible for transfer students and students with multiple study interests. 

  • Interested in two fields of study? You don't have to double major, you can create your own major through our Interdisciplinary Studies track.
  • The Interdisciplinary Studies major is an ideal option for transfer students who have started work on a major and want to complete a degree quickly. 
  • Concerned about losing credits if you transfer? Transfer students who have completed credit hours on a degree not offered at Columbia College can simply pair their learnings with another degree that we offer. 
  • Interested in creating your major entirely or combining more than two disciplines? Check out our Individualized Studies degree—it might be an even better option for you. 

Interdisciplinary Studies Areas of Study

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