Choosing a Major 

Once people find out you are college-bound, a question you will often hear is, “So, what is your major?” If you have not figured out the answer to that question yet, you might be feeling a bit of anxiety or pressure, especially if you are surrounded by college-bound classmates who already have a major in mind. Family members might suggest majors that go with the best jobs or remind them of their college days. Their input can be helpful but can also make you feel a bit overwhelmed.

Let us ease your anxiety and fill you in on a secret—not everyone decides on their major before starting college and a number your classmates will change their major from one to as many as three times while in college. At Columbia College, we will support you as you find the major that fits your personality, interests, and career aspirations.

We Support You

At Columbia College, there are several ways you can get support in finding the major that fits you best:

Personalized Advising

Beginning in the summer before your first semester, each student is assigned a faculty advisor. Your advisor works with you to plan your schedule and ensure that you are taking courses toward your degree, starting with your general education requirements.

General Education Courses

All students complete 40-43 hours of coursework that cover many academic areas of our college. These courses are a great opportunity to discover the possibilities for majors that exist on our campus.

Faculty Office Hours

Each faculty member on our campus hosts regular office hours. These hours are designed for students to come in and ask questions. We encourage students to have conversations with faculty in different areas to learn more about specific majors and the career opportunities connected to those majors.

Center for Career Coaching and Professional Development

Our campus career center is not just for graduating seniors! We encourage all students to begin their relationship with our career coaches from their first day on campus. Our coaches have a wealth of information on all campus majors, assessment tools for finding majors based on personality and aptitude, and resources on careers linked with specific majors.

Over 30 Majors 

We offer over 30 majors at Columbia College. Each major is designed and updated regularly to prepare students to be engaged citizens and knowledgeable professionals. The path you choose might build on your creativity, your desire to help others, your innovative ideas, your curiosity, or your goals to solve one of the world’s big problems. Whatever the path, we will be here to help you find the major that is just right for you.

Our most popular degree programs: