The South Carolina IDeA Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence, funded through NIH-INBRE with an overarching goal aimed at increasing biomedical research competitiveness in our state.  Columbia College is proud to be selected as a participating institution. Thanks to a 5-year grant through SCINBRE, Columbia College is able to conduct a number of meaningful research projects. The four projects allow undergraduate scholars to conduct hands-on research under the mentorship of a faculty researcher. There are currently four projects underway.

This summer, seven undergrads participated in one of four six-week faculty-mentored research projects. Faculty mentors included Dr. Marley Marsh, Director of Honors Program and Associate Professor of Biology; Dr. Chakia McClendon, Assistant Professor of Biology; Dr. Vida Mingo, Senior Lecturer of Biology; and Dr. Adrienne Oxley, Professor of Chemistry.

Building on their experiences, summer research student participants will serve this fall as senior research fellows. As senior research fellows, they will mentor a new group of undergraduate research fellows.  

Another exciting part of the College's SCINBRE initiatives will be to invite high-school fellows to participate in research under the supervision of undergraduate scholars.