We are so excited to offer in-person options for Summer Orientation and Registrations (S.O.A.R.)! You are encouraged to register for one of the three dates listed below. Attendance at S.O.A.R. will allow you to meet your peers and faculty while also engaging in community-building activities. You will have the chance to review your course schedule, become familiar with campus, and finalize preparations for the fall semester.

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First Year Students

Welcome to the Class of 2026!
Summer Orientation and Registration is the time to connect with your peers and community in Koala Nation! You have have worked so hard to conquer senior year, and now it's time to have a little bit of fun. At S.O.A.R. you will get the chance to learn more about your future home, Columbia College, and the resources at your disposal while making friends and meaningful connections.

S.O.A.R. Overview
This is a one-day program. You should plan to arrive on campus at 7:45am and depart at roughly 4pm.

COVID-19 Policy
For details concerning the COVID-19 policy at Columbia College, please click here.

Transfer Students

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Families & Guests

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