Meet CeCe

Prior to the 1970s, Columbia College was without a mascot, until the student athletes came together to decide. The choices? The Koalas or the Crickets. CeCe won by a landslide and is forever known as our beloved furry face of the school. 

CeCe now makes appearances at events all over campus, including athletic games, by frolicking across the green and smiling for pictures. 

Full Name


Favorite Hobby

Climbing trees on campus!

Favorite Color

Columbia College Purple (check out CeCe's wardrobe!)

Favorite Food

Sodexo's finest Eucalyptus Leaves

Favorite Song

The #CCofSC Alma Mater - If you see Dr. Diana Amos, have her sing it for you!

Favorite TV Show

Koala Brothers or Adventures of the Little Koala

Favorite Movie