How Do I Apply for Housing? 

Fill Out Housing Application

Housing applications are sent once you have been accepted to Columbia College.  The application contains information regarding housing preferences, roommate requests and meal plan options.  Preferences are awarded in the order they are received, so they sooner you return your application, the more likely your selection will be honored. 

***There is a two-year residency requirement for all first-year students unless you live within 30 miles of the College or are 21 years or older, married or have dependents living with you.  If you live within the commuting distance or are a non-traditional student, please fill out the exemption form.

Submit a Deposit

Don’t forget to make your $200 admissions deposit to secure your spot on campus!  This deposit must be received before you will be assigned housing.


What Happens Next? 

Receive your Housing Assignment

Housing assignments are sent out July 1.

Once your application has been processed your hall assignment and roommate contact information will be sent back to you.

Meet your Roommate

If you attend one of our new student orientations in June, you'll receive your housing and roommate information before it is officially sent out. If not, you'll still receive you roommate's contact details but it won't be until July 1.

Facts & Figures

As a first and second year student, you'll be required to stay on campus unless you live in Lexington or Richland county, you are 21 years of age or older, married, or have dependents living with you.

On-Campus Housing Cost (by Semester)

Residence Standard Double Standard Single Double as a Single
McNair Hall $1,950 $2,150 -
Wesley Hall $1,950 - $2,450
Mirse Hall $1,950 - $2,450
Hudson Hall $1,950 - $2,450
Knox & Kneece Halls $2,000 $2,150 -

On-Campus Meal Plan Costs

Meal Plans Cost per Semester
19 week | First Year (required) $2,000
15 week $1,875
10 week | Senior Only $1,750
5 week | Commuter Pack $760

Meals do not carry over to the next week. Meal plans are reset every Sunday morning. A valid Columbia College ID is required for use of all meal plans. If a student has lost an ID, a temporary ID can be obtained from the CCPD for short-term use until the ID is located. If the ID is not located within a few days, the student must purchase a new ID from CCPD. Questions about the meal plan should be directed to the Office of Residence Life and Housing. 

More information about dining services can be found here.

Planning for Your Move 

To help you plan and move into your dorm, we compiled a list of helpful information about our rooms as well as a packing checklist.

Each room includes the following furniture: 

  • bed (standard twin, not extra-long twin)
  • dresser
  • desk 
  • desk chair
  • rooms in Mirse, Wesley, Hudson, and the Cottages also have one night stand 
  • all beds can be lofted - the dimensions from floor to top is 40.5" and from the floor to the frame is 30.5" 

Dorm Room Dimensions 

Rooms may vary by size, but the differences are relatively minor. 

  • McNair Standard Measurements: 15' by 11' feet 
  • Mirse, Hudson, Wesley, and Cottages Standard Measurements: 12'7" by 13'3" 

Curtain rod specifications: 

  • McNair Standard Window Measurements: Main - 50" by 52"
  • Mirse, Hudson, Wesley, Cottages Standard Window Measurements: 51" by 81" 


Contact Us

Shade Holmes
As Director of Housing and Residence Life, Shade oversees housing, RA selection, judicial conduct, and residence life staff and policies.
Contact info: 803-786-3476 and

Dani Dix
An Area Coordinator in McNair Hall, Dani manages the McNair Residence Hall, including the fitness center, desk assistants, roommate conflicts and other issues within the hall.
Contact info: 803-714-4145 and

Angel Parson
An Area Coordinator in the Upper-class halls, Angle manages the Residence Hall Association and works with residents to resolve conflicts or other issues within the upper-class halls. 
Contact info: 803-714-4824 and