Space You Need to Grow

Transformative Moments, Lasting Connections

You're after more than just a degree.

You're after experiences—after transformative moments, and deep, lasting connections that will shape who you are, and how you'll move through the world.

Our point being? There's plenty of space for you to grow here, in whatever ways you see fit.

Working Hard to Play Hard

We're all about balance here at Columbia College. That's why our students take their pursuits outside of the classroom as seriously as they do their studies.

Passionate about community service, sports, or the arts? Eager to cultivate long-lasting friendships with your peers? You'll find opportunities to explore all of these things and more when you join the Columbia College family.

Columbia College is fortunate to partner with businesses like Dimensions Entertainment to provide our students with the best college experience possible.

Read on for a taste of what student life is like, both on campus and off.