April 7, 2018

The Columbia College Dance Company presents their annual Faculty & Guest Artist Showcase on Saturday, April 7th at 7:30pm in Cottingham Theatre. The concert will feature both original and re-staged works by the Columbia College dance faculty, guest artists, and alumni. This year’s showcase celebrates long time CC faculty member and friend, Martha Brim, upon her retirement.
Martha Brim’s Balance Sublime (1997) centers on a tea party gone awry and the concept of balance- both structurally and emotionally. Marcy Jo Yonkey-Clayton’s Good Fences Make Good Neighbors (2007) is a playful trio and metaphorical study on everyday establishment of property lines and the daily stress we experience when sharing our personal space with other people. Both of these works have benefited from multiple castings and have been performed on many occasions.
Erin Bailey’s Climate premiered at the 2018 American College Dance Association Southeastern Conference where it was honored as a gala selected work. Climate asks the questions: What do you have to lose? What is at stake? What are you fighting for? In this piece solo dancers challenge one another until finding common ground and a powerful alliance.
Guest artist Inertia DeWitt (American Wonder Woman) presents a new concept titled, League of Compassion.This work focuses on an era of disillusionment where warrior queens train their bodies and hearts to be empathetic. The dancers/warriors embrace their own vulnerability and courage to be seen through this unique work along with text composed by the dancers and an original music track made by American Wonder Woman herself.
Amanda Ling premieres a new solo work, Disco Biscuit, as a tribute to a close friend. This piece is inspired by groovy tunes, gravy dipped moves, and a unique soundtrack by Inertia DeWitt. Jessica Moore's Pride Impulse investigates power, strength, and ferocity by looking at dominant groups in the animal kingdom. With a driving sound score, the dancers channel what it means to 'be fierce' through movement and performance. Through timeless works and exciting new pieces, this concert will represent the faculty’s diverse array of artistry at Columbia College.
Tickets are $10 general admission, $5 to senior/students/military, and Columbia College students/alums/staff get one free tickets. For reservations, call the Cottingham Theatre Box Office at 803.786.3850.

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