February 15, 2023

ebbie hickmanAs part of Columbia College’s ongoing effort to observe Black History Month, we are intentionally highlighting our Black leaders, faculty, staff, students, athletes, and alumni, so that our entire community is able to witness their impact on the Columbia College Family. 

Ebbie Hickman is the Field Experience Coordinator for the Division of Education, and she has been a part of the Columbia College family for four years. Throughout her career, Ebbie has served the public school system as a teacher, curriculum specialist, and an administrator. However, Ebbie shares that her role at Columbia College is her dream job, where she discovered her passion of developing future educators. Each day, Ebbie serves our student body through her leadership, love, and commitment to securing the educational futures of today’s youth. 

When asked what her greatest accomplishment is, Ebbie shared, “Going to college and having a phenomenal career as an example for others (like my nieces and nephews) who are watching me.” Columbia College is honored to be made up of faculty and staff like Ebbie, who commit to not only succeeding, but inspiring others to do the same each and every day. 

Finally, Ebbie shared her favorite inspirational quote from Florence Scovel Shin’s The Game of Life and How to Play It, “The world is my classroom and every man is my teacher.” Through Black History Month and key on-campus figures like Ebbie, Columbia College is able to acknowledge and showcase the values of hard work, dedication, and transformative leadership that are found on our campus all year long! 

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