May 11, 2021

Columbia College was recently recognized by Resilience Coalition, a leading advocate organization working to expand access to resources, programs and content around trauma, resilience, and self-care.  The College's Institute for Building Resilience through Trauma-Informed Practices (I-BRTIP) was in the spotlight in the Resilience Coalition's May Connection newsletter. The newsletter is a resource for educators who recognize the importance of implementing resilience-building, trauma-informed best practices in schools and colleges. 

Here is an excerpt from the newsletter:

"The team at Columbia College has been busy. They recently established the Institute for Building Resilience through Trauma-Informed Practices(I-BRTIP) and reaffirmed their commitment to serve as a leading resource and advocate for resilience-building trauma-informed practices." 

To learn more about the Columbia College's I-BRTIP, click here.

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