December 9, 2022

graduates“There was always something pulling me to Columbia College. I visited a few other schools, but my heart always went back to CC.” Graduating senior Zykeria Moultrie’s family ties run deep in Columbia College history. Zykeria’s great great great grandmother was Susie Thomas, who worked for Columbia College from 1919 until 1968. Zykeria is the first of her family to attend Columbia College following her grandmother’s service. When asked what she thinks Susie would say to her on her graduation day, Zykeria shared that she believes her Grandma Susie would be at a loss for words. “Considering the time that she worked for the College, watching a woman from her own family graduate would have been a dream come true. From the stories I’ve always been told, Susie had a deep, true love for Columbia College, and I believe her words would have been ones of great pride, surprise, and gratitude.”

Zykeria and 115 of her fellow graduating seniors joined 183 graduate students, as they all were awarded their diplomas this morning. Keynote speaker Councilwoman Tina Herbert addressed the graduates and congratulated them on their many accomplishments.

Provost of Columbia College Kristine Barnett shares, “The Class of 2022 has left a legacy of hard work and diligence amongst tremendous obstacles. They have lovingly been referred to and even referred to themselves as ‘the COVID class.’ We’re not sure where they will go next, but we know that they are equipped and able to meet the challenges and opportunities that await them.”

With tests and finals completed, presentations made, and final papers edited and submitted, the graduates will earn a well-deserved rest to enjoy the holiday season. The College looks toward their next steps – starting careers, building families, and traveling the world – making use of the foundation they built at Columbia College. The world is waiting to welcome our graduates, but we hope their hearts always bring them back home to Columbia College, just like Zykeria and her family’s legacy

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