April 8, 2018

Columbia College recognized the 2018 Class of its Athletic Hall of Fame during Alumnae Weekend.  The inaugural Athletic Hall of Fame induction ceremony was held in the Porter Gymnasium on Saturday, April 7, 2018.  The inductees included Lucille “Ludy” Godbold, for which the athletic building was named, the 1975-1976 Basketball Team which consisted of: Head Coach Don Patenaude, Manager Martha Jones Lyman, Julaan Derrick, Becky Gray, Betty “BJ” Koski, Becky Laffitte, Rita Mullan, Vicki Drawdy Shull, Jeffre Way Sumrall, Susan Peeples Vallotton, Ann Dube Ward, Mildred Cone Webb, Ann White and Mary Helen Yarborough, and All-American Swimmer Megan Monahan ’17. 

President Carol A. Moore said of the momentous occasion, “We are excited to recognize and honor the accomplishments of the inaugural class.  Athletics is an important part of the holistic education we provide at Columbia College.  These women have gone on to do great things not only on the field, on the court and in the pool, but in life.” 

The first inductee, Lucile “Ludy” Godbold, or Miss Ludy as she is affectionately known was honored post-humously with the award being received by her niece, Jennifer Godbold.  Not only was Miss Ludy a 1922 gold medalist in the International Track Meet held in France, she was a competitive, compassionate, and extremely humorous woman.  She won medals in the hop-step-jump race, the javelin throw, and the 1000- meter race. Ms. Ludy began her only teaching job in the fall of 1922 and was part of the faculty of Columbia College for 58 years. Ms. Ludy taught physical education at Columbia College and found her way into the hearts of generations of Columbia College students.  Jennifer Godbold’s fondest memories involved sitting on her Aunt Ludy’s lap listening to the adults converse, and the house filling with laughter.  Miss Ludy was remembered by many of the speakers during the Hall of Fame ceremony, each echoing the words of Jennifer Godbold when describing the humor of Miss Ludy.

Don Patenaude, Head Coach of the team 1975-1976 Basketball Team acknowledged the team for their accomplishments.  He reminisced about the win over Clemson, and he explained the feelings of that victory overcame him when he walked back into the Porter gymnasium.  He ended by saying, “You [the 1975-1976 Basketball team] put the Koalas on the athletic map!”  Starting out the season as the only undefeated team in the state, they ended (14-7) as having the first recorded winning season by a C2 athletic team. Their court time included besting upstate rival Clemson mid-season earning them recognition as The Cinderella Story.

Ann White, a member of the 1975-1976 Basketball team, spoke on behalf of the team.  Ms. White’s feelings about Miss Ludy mirrored Coach Pantenaude’s and Jennifer Godbold’s.  She exclaimed they were, “so blessed we were here at a time to know Miss Ludy!”  Female athletics were changing, in-part due to Miss Ludy, and the 1975-1976 Basketball team would continue where Miss Ludy left off in paving the way for female athletes.  Ann White presented the College’s Athletic Department with the game ball from that year when Columbia College bested Clemson during the season.  She also presented one of the first jerseys the team ever wore.  Athletic Director Stubblefield enthusiastically accepted Ann White’s offering, noting the memorabilia would be displayed for all to enjoy. 

Megan Monahan, Class of 2017, was inducted for her accomplishments as a member of the swim team.  Introduced by Coach Jason Gallaher, he shared that Megan was the first Columbia College student to be named to the NAIA All-American Team for swimming.  Megan is also ranked as the 4th fastest Woman in the 200 Backstroke in the history of the NAIA.

The College’s Athletic Hall of Fame is located on the first floor of Godbold Athletic building in the Porter Gymnasium and provides a permanent and lasting display to recognize those individuals and teams who are celebrated for their accomplishments.  More than 30% of the undergraduate women’s college students participate in the intercollegiate athletics program at Columbia College.  As a member of the NAIA and Appalachian Athletic Conference, ten varsity sports include tennis, track and field, cross country, swimming, golf, softball, soccer, lacrosse, volleyball and basketball. 

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