November 14, 2023

Columbia Fire Department TrainingOn November 8 and 9, 2023, Columbia College hosted the Columbia Fire Department for their semi-annual Search and Rescue Training. Earlier this year, Columbia College announced several capital projects, including the removal of Daniel Dining Hall, including Humphries Hall. After drafting and finalizing the project timeline, Columbia College representatives met with the Columbia Fire Department regarding the use of the facility for upcoming training opportunities. Because of the strong, sturdy 1950s-1960s construction, Daniel is the perfect location to host this particular training. The size of the building allowed for several instructional and tactical sessions to take place at one time, offering practice in a building that is considered “strong under fire.”

“Columbia College is constantly seeking opportunities to partner with and serve our local community. As such, our college community was happy to provide this training opportunity for our Fire Department,” said Columbia College President John Dozier.

Columbia Fire Department Captain Chris Ford also shared, “It’s few and far between for us to be able to come into a space like this – it’s phenomenal and absolutely invaluable. You can imagine, we’d much rather complete training like this under normal conditions, as opposed to sending my men into a space like this, where they have to figure it out at 3 o’clock in the morning on a property I’ve never been to.”

As an institution, Columbia College is looking toward the future, which is why we are humbled and honored to use the traditions of our past to serve our community. Columbia Fire Department serves and protects the Midlands every day, and it is a privilege to express our gratitude in this way, further communicating to our students, faculty, and staff the importance of community enrichment through service.

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