December 20, 2018

COLUMBIA, S.C. - The Best College Reviews put Columbia College in the top 50 for Best Small Colleges in 2019.  The editors began with a pool of about 128 schools and narrowed based on certain criteria: student population less than 2,000, 15:1 student to faculty ratio, and tuition less than $25,000.  The Best College Reviews editors then consulted the U.S. News and World Reports rankings to further narrow their pool of institutions.  Columbia College was ranked in the top 20 by U.S. News and World Report for Best Value Schools back in September 2018. 


Columbia College is the perfect example of everything a small college has to offer, from personalized academics to the tight-knit community, and even after graduation, the continued support of the Alumnae Office and Career Services Center.  Students truly find a home away from home.  Columbia College President, Dr. Carol Moore emphasizes the continued commitment of the College to afford everyone not just a college education, but a liberal arts foundation paired with experiential learning opportunities that will encourage all graduates to have an impact on their communities now and in the future. 


Not every college student thrives at expansive universities with lecture halls filled with hundreds of students.  Columbia College recognizes this and makes a conscious effort to keep the student to faculty ratio low; first year students won’t see a class larger than 15 students.  This allows for one-on-one attention and a more personalized educational experience.  Faculty and students form lasting relationships that benefit students academically and professionally.  Students will also build stronger bonds with classmates which increases academic success.


Outside the classroom, students, faculty, and staff can’t walk through campus without stopping for a conversation with one another.  Everyone knows each other and supports each other.  Student clubs and organizations are active and plentiful, but the Student Affairs team is always encouraging students to start new clubs, if desired.  The Garden Club was started on campus this year and those students have already formed a community partnership with long-time supporter Bonita Clemons, owner and operator of Rare Variety Café.  Ms. Clemons’ Café and patrons have reaped the benefits of the Columbia College garden in the short time is has been around. 


Once students graduate, the College is still committed to their success.  Graduates do not just become a statistic in a view book.  The Columbia College Alumnae Associate has been around since 1882 and wants graduates to feel supported long after they leave the College.  The Alumnae office plans monthly events and meet-and-greets to continue strengthening the Alumnae network inside and outside the state of South Carolina.  In conjunction with the Alumnae office, the Career Service office supports all Columbia College graduates by encouraging them to reach out for assistance with updating resumes and cover letters, as well as finding employment. 


Columbia College may be a small, private liberal arts college, centered around women, but the relationships faculty, staff, and students build and sustain is unmatched by any major university.  Students are recognized, empowered, and encouraged to change the world at the start of their college career.  Once they graduate, they are still recognized, empowered, and encouraged to change the world.  Students are not a number.  They become part of the Columbia College family.


Class of 2018 Senior Chapel


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