April 17, 2024

ahmet aksoy accepting awardsOn April 5, 2024, Dr. Ahmet Aksoy, Assistant Professor of Communication at Columbia College, was presented the Pearson and Nelson Outstanding New Teacher Award by the Central States Communication Association. Dr. Aksoy joined the Columbia College faculty in the Fall of 2022, and has made a substantial impact on campus and in the classroom since then. Students look to Dr. Aksoy for academic support, of course, but also through community initiatives and social networking opportunities that open doors and bridge gaps in the field of communication across the globe. During the Fall 2023 semester, Dr. Aksoy’s COMM 200 course (Communication Today) even hosted a virtual exchange program with the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

When presenting the award, President of Central States Communication Association Ahmet Atay shared, “It is a pleasure to have such a committed educator.” Because of this commitment to not only his students but also to the mission of Columbia College, Dr. Aksoy remains a stronghold within the academic community at Columbia College.

His students say best. “He challenges us and inspires us to seek additional opportunities for learning outside of the classroom in addition to the illuminating lectures further enriching our experience as students,” said Communication Student Wendy L. Johnson. Communication Student Meaghan Waddell added, “Through his compelling lectures, he was able to give us modern examples that relate to our world today, which is something I know that I and my fellow students at Columbia College constantly crave.”

Educators like Dr. Aksoy are crucial to Columbia College’s mission to equip students both personally and professionally so they may impact their world upon graduation. Congratulations, Dr. Aksoy!

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