February 28, 2023

dr. burk presentingEarlier this month, Dr. Tamara L. Burk shared her expertise and experience with South Carolina mayors and council members as she presented a half-day training session. The session was organized by the Advanced Municipal Elected Officials Institute of Government, and the title of the session was “Changing the Channel for Communicating with Constituents.” The session allowed participants to share their own stories while Dr. Burk shared strategies for delivering campaign promises while navigating the minefield of municipal service. 

Dr. Burk shared, “Communication with the public is very context sensitive, and when it is tied to the expectations that come with municipal service, the complexity increases, and the stakes are enormous.” 

Columbia College is proud to have faculty members so fully committed to public service and stewardship. Dr. Burk has served the Columbia community for years as the director of the PLACE program at Columbia College, modeling the importance of civic-mindedness and care for community. Dr. Burk continues to seek out opportunities for community development and connection, and she utilizes that same drive and commitment as she shepherds her students toward servant leadership. The Columbia College Mission is well-served each day with educators like Tamara Burk, who prepare every student personally and professionally for success through liberal arts and professional programs emphasizing service, social justice, and leadership development. 

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