March 8, 2022

Holli GarzaHolli Garza is a non-traditional evening student, who is participating in directed teaching as an instructional assistant during her Special Education program. Despite being an off-campus student with a family of her own, Holli has loved being a part of campus life. During her time at Columbia College, she has had the ability to bring her family out to enjoy various activities on campus. Her children loved Boorific, while Holli enjoyed the Campus Tour of the Arts.

When asked what her favorite part of the directed teaching experience has been, Holli answered that she has always loved getting to know new students and help them grow. She shared that the Special Education program at Columbia College has been rigorous, but it has helped her grow as a professional, giving her the opportunity to work in the field while giving her the education that will afford her choices in her career after graduation. Holli also shared that the cooperating teacher, Columbia College supervisor, and leadership professor have proven to be incredible mentors that have supported her throughout the whole process. Program Director of Early Childhood Education Christine LeBlanc says, “she consistently demonstrates super characteristics in the classroom.”

After graduation, Holli hopes to continue to work within Richland 2, while taking the necessary exams to earn a second certification, start applying for master’s programs, and continue to grow as a highly qualified educator. It is Holli’s goal that each of her students know and understand that “who they are is important, what they can do is amazing, and if they decide to, they can change the world.” We are so grateful for students like Holli, committed to her own personal progress while focused on changing the world through the empowerment and education of her students.

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