April 9, 2021

Two members of the Columbia College faculty were recently recognized for their outstanding work. 

Assistant Professor of Education Brennan Davis was nominated and selected for the SCICU (South Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities) 2021 Teaching Award. In addition to her exceptional skills as a professor, Dr. Davis has a very active history of publishing and presenting. In the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, she pivoted quickly in her research, providing what must be some of the earliest research on teacher education during this global crisis. Congratulations to Dr. Davis on this foundational work in education during times of profound social change and challenge to schools, teachers, families, and students worldwide.

Also being lauded for her accomplishments is the Martha Youmans Edens Professor of English, Melissa Heidari. Dr. Heidari is  the recipient of the 2021 Columbia College Faculty Excellence Award. In announcing the selection, the College noted Dr. Heidari's strong commitment to her students’ active learning and her ability to consider and respond to the pulse of her students. Her attention to detail in her curriculum communicates her ability to create safe and transparent climates in her classes and relationships with students. Congratulations to Dr. Heidari for being recognized for her outstanding contributions to the Columbia College community.

Past and present students of Drs. Davis and Heidari took to social media to congratulate the award recipients and repeatedly underscored how truly deserving they are of their respective honors. 

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