October 4, 2023

Professor Ezaz Ahmed, Dean of the Division of Business, Leadership and Communication has significantly contributed to a research paper titled "Exploring the Leadership Galaxy: Understanding the Cohesive Dynamics in Distributed Leadership." This original research has been selected for presentation at the 2023 Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management conference in Wellington, New Zealand (https://anzamconference.org/).

Professor Ahmed, in collaboration with scholars from Western Sydney University and Charles Sturt University in Australia, has crafted a study that researched the intricacies of leadership dynamics. The research introduces the innovative concept of the 'Leadership Galaxy,' offering a fresh perspective on the relationships and forces that shape leadership environments. The core of the paper revolves around important questions: What is the nature of leadership influence? How do stakeholders coexist within the leadership domain? And crucially, what central force harmonizes the leadership galaxy? By addressing these questions, the research aims to redefine our understanding of leadership, especially in the context of today's rapidly changing global landscape.

Highlighting the importance of 'crisis leadership' in the backdrop of global challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic, Professor Ahmed's research stresses the need for a comprehensive understanding of leadership dynamics. His contribution to this research not only elevates Columbia College's academic reputation but also emphasizes the institution's commitment to fostering innovative thought leadership. Professor Ezaz Ahmed's insights promise to pave the way for a deeper understanding of 21st-century leadership dynamics. Congratulations, Dr. Ahmed!


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