June 13, 2020

Image of food and water supplies for protesters, curated by Bre Norton.Columbia College senior, Bre Norton, is making a difference in the Columbia community through service and a commitment to social justice. After seeing the need for supply stations at the recent protests in downtown Columbia following the police killing of George Floyd, Bre stepped in and took action, purchasing and receiving donations to provide snacks and drinks to local protestors.

Bre is the most recent recipient of the Caroline Whitson “Leadership Makes a Difference” student award, so it is no surprise that she stepped up when she saw a need in the community. The Carolina Whitson Leadership Award is awarded to a student that demonstrated a commitment to the community, social awareness, and willingness to affect social change through service throughout her undergraduate career. Columbia College is very proud to see our students out in the community, making a difference, and setting a positive example for their peers. 

I came to the protest Saturday and then the next day they needed help with snacks... So I kind of just started helping. And then I went and bought a bunch of stuff, and then I had people donate a bunch of stuff and then it just happened.

Breanna Norton

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