February 22, 2022

sharon pitt headshotAs a child, Sharon Pitt knew that she loved fixing things, and as she grew, she discerned her love of working with people. The combination of these two interests developed into a life-long passion for nursing at a very young age. After years of working in the field, completing her BSN had become just another task on her to-do list, but in 2019 circumstances were ideal for Sharon to make that dream a reality. With the help of the dynamic RN to BSN program at Columbia College, Sharon did just that.

Sharon is a 2020 graduate of the RN to BSN program. As an older student, – 30 years removed from the classroom – she was nervous about returning to school. Sharon soon settled in as a student and found it fascinating to discover how much nursing education had changed and progressed over time. Sharon was able to benefit and learn from a competent group of professors, specifically Dr. Nadine Brooks and Professor Mary Jo Howard, who were supportive and accessible even after graduation! She found their passion for nursing contagious, and she continues to be inspired through the additional education she received from Columbia College. Sharon found the experience exceptional, enriching, and far beyond her expectations.

Sharon says that her experience with Columbia College was instrumental in her journey to achieve her career goals. When asked what knowledge she would share with students considering the RN to BSN program, Sharon said, “nursing can take you anywhere. While you may begin your career as a nurse, the skills and expertise can serve you in many other roles as well. Hence, the trajectory of your professional path is wide open. For example, my professional journey diverged from the traditional nursing path. However, I use my nursing skills every day, perhaps not in the traditional way, but certainly when it comes to leadership and relationship building. The RN to BSN program only further enhanced those skills.”

Following her graduation, Sharon even agreed to serve on the Columbia College Nursing Program Advisory Board in order to help future nurses do the same. At Columbia College, we hope to prepare students personally and professionally for their chosen careers and empower them with a sense of purpose to inspire others through their own lives of impact. As an institution, we are lucky to educate students like Sharon, who follow their dreams and choose Columbia College as a means of achieving them.

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