December 2, 2021

Ellona MouldsEllona Moulds is a junior Biology student, and she is an incredible example of the talented, driven, and bright people that can be found among the student body here at Columbia College. After graduation, Ellona plans to attend medical school, but for now she is enjoying all of the opportunities Columbia College offers to prepare her for what comes next.

Ellona was a part of Dr. Adrienne Oxley’s summer research project in the summer of 2021, studying to determine if cow mammary tissue is able to be utilized as an animal model for breast cancer research. She says her summer research project helped her get to experience “another side of science.” “Being able to plan and research as well as conduct experiments was something I found very interesting. I had an amazing time with everyone and learned a whole bunch of new and interesting information about each group’s project as well as my own.” She was inspired to take part in the program by the faculty and students with whom she knew she would work. In addition to the invaluable learning opportunity, Ellona says, “I had an amazing time with everyone. We all get along very well, and it made it a very enjoyable experience.”

When asked what her favorite Columbia College memory is, Ellona shared that visiting Dr. Marlee Marsh’s farm and getting to have fun with everyone outside of a school environment was her favorite memory to date. Not only was her experience this summer instrumental for her academic career, but it also provided her with her best memories of Columbia College thus far.

Columbia College stands behind students like Ellona, who excel academically while taking the time experience one-in-a-lifetime opportunities with life-long friends. Because of these opportunities, Ellona believes that Columbia College is providing her with “the guidance, information, and experiences that will help me with my career,” and it is the aim of the College for these opportunities to not only serve her well in her career, but also extend far beyond the workforce and enable her to live a life of impact.

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