October 13, 2021

Katelyn LiznyaiAccording to Columbia College Junior and Student Body President Katelyn Lisznyai, Columbia College inspired her to branch out academically, pursuing a degree path she never saw herself pursuing. Katelyn came to Columbia College with plans to become a physical therapist, but because of the flexibility she found here, she has been able to work toward a career in sports communications that allows her hone her love of sports (specifically softball) while taking the courses necessary to apply to PT schools.

While Columbia College has been an excellent setting for Katelyn to discern what is next for her academically, it certainly is not the only reason she loves being in school here. Katelyn says that Columbia College has allowed her to reinvent herself, becoming more extroverted when joining different clubs and taking on new leadership roles. Not only is she Student Body President, but she is also President of her sorority, Alpha Sigma Alpha, secretary of the for the honors program, along with being a member of several other organizations on campus. “I have learned to be a team player and how to encourage and motivate others. In addition, I have learned how to better communicate with others in one-on-one settings as well as in large groups. These are the skills companies look for when hiring employees. What I have learned at Columbia College will help me stand out and give me an advantage in the workforce,” said Katelyn.

Katelyn describes Columbia College as a family. She encourages high school students considering attending Columbia College, saying, “You are not just a number here. As a small school, you will know everyone on campus and they will know you. It is not abnormal for you to have your professor’s phone number and for them to have yours (and they will call you if you miss class). At Columbia, faculty and staff care about you and your well-being.”

Columbia College’s motto is “Not who, but what,” and it is so fitting when pointing at students like Katelyn, who have capitalized on the opportunities a close-knit college community can provide. Because of the growing, changing nature of Columbia College, Katelyn and students like her have the power, influence, and unique opportunity to shape the future of Columbia College NOW. 

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